DeveloperWeek 2018 is a Wrap - Check out these Upcoming Events from DevNetwork

DevTech Media, February 21, 2018

DeveloperWeek 2018 is a wrap! Thank you all for making 2018 our best event yet. #DEVWEEK2018 had record numbers of attendees, exhibitors, speakers and hackathon

DevNetwork DevTech landscape

DevTech Media, August 17, 2017

Product Adoption: How to Get Developers to Use Your Product

DevTech Media, June 12, 2017

“If you build it, they will come” is not a reliable product philosophy. Never assume developers are ready to adopt your product. It takes a

How to Market to Developers

DevTech Media, June 12, 2017

Marketing to developers takes a certain finesse. Consider what experts have to say about marketing to developers: “Developers are savvy consumers and they’re typically turned

How to Sell to Developers

DevTech Media, June 12, 2017

By 2025, there will be 25 million developers in the world. And not just in tech companies. Every modern business has a software element, employing

What is a Dev Manager?

DevTech Media, May 1, 2017

Ten years ago, IT managers were leading tech teams. But in today's fast-paced, innovative tech landscape, a new leader is coming of age: the Dev

4 Key Features to Code for the Internet of Things

DevTech Media, May 1, 2017

As we enter the era of Internet of Things, developers need training to code for interconnected smart devices. It is the next technology revolution, according

A Snapshot of the Modern Developer

DevTech Media, May 1, 2017

Dev Managers, take note: Ongoing learning and professional growth is so important to developers that they would take a job with development opportunities over a

Bad Coding: Are Developers or Their Managers to Blame?

DevTech Media, May 1, 2017

Code quality is suffering, and software developers and their Dev Manager don’t agree where the responsibility lies. A recent study by CAST Software found that

API World Conference reveals API developer pain points

DevTech Media, March 28, 2017

When API developers and software architects from all over the world converged in San Francisco, they had a lot to say about the right and